21 May 2009

the tonight show

found via the scoop

In addition to its major hosting change (from Jay Leno to Conan O'Brien) on June 1st, The Tonight Show is also undergoing quite a re-brand ::

Oh, and, just for reference, here's the current logo that will be retired ::

The new one is a vast improvement, if you ask me.

+Plus, the new logo design (the "with Conan O'Brien" part) is using one of my favorite fonts, Bernhard Gothic... and "The Tonight Show" is in a typeface called Neutraface No.2 Display Inline, in case you were wondering ;)

Even better is this quote from Conan about the thought behind the new logo ::

"I wanted a logo that acknowledged the long, rich tradition of The Tonight Show while still looking good on hats, T-shirts, mugs, lawn furniture, notebooks, stemware, urns, defibrillators, water bottles, cell phones, sports equipment, pens, vacuums, chimes and our new line of unisex cologne."

Love it... Conan and the logo.

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