22 October 2009

gloversville, usa

this article in the nytimes was really inspiring. it's about a man who moved from the city to gloversville, ny - home to factories which supplied 90% of america's gloves, up until the mid-20th century. Even though most of the glove shops have closed, daniel storto moved in and opened up his shop in order to continue the town's tradition of fine handmade gloves... it's really inspiring how he is so focused on perfecting his skills in one particular craft, and it makes me want to do the same - to really work with my hands and create something other than computer-generated drawings... to do one thing and do it really well.

18 October 2009

fantastic mr. fox

yesterday i went to go see where the wild things are, and one of the previews got me really excited...

wes anderson has directed a stop-motion animation film based on a roald dahl book called fantastic mr. fox. the voice lineup is great - george clooney, meryl streep, jason schwartzman, etc. - and it looks like it will be a great movie visually as well. it comes out november 13, and i'm excited to see it!

p.s. - where the wild things are was great - such an imaginative movie! - i definitely recommend seeing it... and the little boy who plays max is the cutest!

14 October 2009

monsieur boudin

this is monsieur boudin, he was created by lab partners, i love their illustration work

13 October 2009

05 October 2009

ode to anthro...

i have had this on my desktop for a while...i think it is such a cute outfit, i had to include

03 October 2009

ode to anthropologie

oh, anthro - you have my heart forever.

it's pretty much a given that at any point in time i will be in love with one or more object from anthropologie. i don't know if it's because now it's fall (my fave) or if they've perhaps recently started designing things specifically with me in mind.... but there are SO many things right now that i am loving....

like these accessories:

phlox flats

ring & peal cloche (i only wish i could pull off a hat like this....)

belsay bangle

spider chrysanthemum scarf

and these home goods:

cameo lace chair
(sidenote: i am in LOVE with this upholstery, and have had a sample of it - Maharam Intricate in Coffee - pinned up in my cube at work for at least a year now, so i was excited to see it here!)

ikat rug

estuary lampshade

castilla lampshade

and these dishes:

scenic dessert plates

paint by number dessert plate

bateau platter

ah..... i will always love anthro for its never-ending inspiration!

lambs ear & scabiosa

i am obsessed with this arrangement of lambs ear & scabiosa from jayson home & garden (...which i just found in lonny magazine - how have i not known about this shop until now??)

i absolutely love the color combo and the play on textures. but sadly, if i had this sitting in my apartment right now there would probably be no lambs ear left because i would have ruined it by constantly rubbing it.... it is so soft! so it's probably better that i just admire this on the screen for now.....

01 October 2009

Lonny Magazine

today is the launch of Lonny, a new online magazine created by a former Domino employee and owner of rubie green, michelle adams

After four months of meetings, photo shoots, styling, web programming and endless amounts of editing, we couldn't be more proud to finally share Lonny with you! When Pat and I came up with this idea last June (admittedly while at Chilis...my favorite!), we weren't sure if we could realistically pull it off since we literally didn't have a penny to spend on its execution. But the next day when I started calling my old domino buddies and spreading the word, Pat and I were absolutely floored by our response. Within a matter of weeks we had managed to get everything from the film to the writing donated by people who believed in what we were trying to achieve. (We even borrowed my parent's car so we'd have one for our photo shoots!) So while we definitely realize there's room for improvement ("get the look" pages would be great, "similar-to" sources, etc) our team is filled with pride and excitement as we share our premiere issue with you. We want to sincerely thank the blogging community for helping us spread the word to make this possible.

When you visit the mag, be sure to first allow the issue to load, and then take a moment to familiarize yourself with the toolbar options. The fullscreen mode is the easiest for viewing, and you'll find that you can zoom in pretty darn close to take a peek into our pages! Please let us know your thoughts, as we're looking forward to growing with you. ;) editors@lonnymag.com