29 July 2011

ruthie sommers' home

I have seen LA designer, Ruthie Sommers' home in quite a few places lately.
I love her style: classic, livable and colorful.

Photos from House Beautiful and Lonny.

26 July 2011

card for m-powers ministry

I designed this card for M-POWERS ministry to sell for raising money.

100% of proceeds from the sale of this card support the ministries of 
M-POWER including the Health Center, Education Center, and Literacy Center. 

M-POWER Ministries provides opportunities for people to break 
the cycle of poverty through education and health services.

If you are interested in ordering a set please e-mail me at

holly.b.cook@gmail.com. There are 10 in a set and the cost is $15. 
Orders need to be in by September 9.

25 July 2011

new love stamp

I am so excited about the new Love stamp for 2012, 
designed by Jessica Hische.

17 July 2011

stephanie & mike

yesterday i did the flowers for stephanie & mike's wedding at a gorgeous showroom in columbus circle here in nyc. it was a personal challenge for me because the look of the showroom and the taste of the couple was much more sleek & modern than my usual style, but altogether i was really happy with how it all turned out! argh - i am kicking myself because i didn't get a single photo of the bouquets! but i know that the wonderful photographer did, so i will post images when he puts them up. his photos will be better than mine anyway!
here are some images- 

billy balls & safflower in the bouts
eremurus at the altar

buffet table arrangement
ps - this was the view from the outdoor patio!! - amazing.

14 July 2011

neon neon!

**alert: this is a shameless re-post (with credit) from someone else's blog**
i have been staring at the images in this post from miss moss off and on for about two days straight now, so i figured now would be a good time to blog it. i love neon colors so much and am a huge fan of yago hortal... miss moss is so so good at coming up with street fashion images to relate with artwork!

05 July 2011

God bless America!

I hope everyone had a happy 4th! 
Saw this cute picture this morning by Lucy Olson 
on Three Little Peppers and wanted to share.