27 October 2008

more from the big picture

i really love this blog. one of the recent postings on the big picture was from Berlin's festival of lights, along with other monuments with special lighting... these are some of my favorite images.

michelle rago

these are some incredibly beautiful arrangements from michelle rago of rago ltd. event planning the website is full of wonderful images....too many to post. but i found myself being drawn to all of these white images. how dreamy.

....and these aren't white, but i couldn't resist posting them.... how cute are the tiny green acorns???

(sidenote: i LOVE her logo!...she also has a blog here.)

it's beginning to look.....

a lot like christmas!! - absolutely my favorite time of year!! - it may seem a little early to most, but it is finally getting cold here (AND, one of my neighbors put a poinsettia outside their door!) so i am now officially in full holiday-preparation swing!... getting the ipod warmed up with christmas music...

so i was so excited to see these in my inbox the other day...new christmas cards from rosebud studios (who made my correspondence journal) - they are so great - i like the typography, and the sayings are so cute!

i haven't decided what holiday cards i'm going to buy this year, but these are definitely in the running! - you can buy them here...

24 October 2008


you can download these posters from tomorrow for free...post them...encourage people to vote...or you can order a special edition print

my favorite is the eagle

austrian graphic design :: my heartland

i discovered bauer concept + design today through my daily feeding from grain edit...i think their design work and concepts are so clean, clever, simple and beautiful...and the typography...wunderbar!...click here to visit their site

the brainard residence :: orlando

this is the home of my friend ali and her husband micheal who just got married in july (stunning photography posted earlier)...ali is so thrifty has an amazing eye for seeing beauty things (and not for that which just fills a home).. i think ali and michael's apartment is so lovely...basically everything came from thrift store or is a family heirloom or she made it...click here to see more of her and michael's apartment

sharpie art

i found this on design sponge so i thought i would just use their description

"yesterday our sneak peek editor anne sent me a link to this story from a september issue of lexington herald leader. lawyer (and artist) charlie kratzer had $10 and a vision of decorating his basement entirely in sharpie artwork. one hamilton later, kratzer had a mini masterpiece on his hands and, i’m guessing, a massive headache from the smell of sharpie ink. headache or not, the result is fantastic and definitely makes me think of all the ways you can decorate your home with your own two hands. click here for the full story and a moving image of the room."

click here to view the whole room...it is amazing...and so charming

new york story :: kate spade

one of the new kate spade design team projects is this exploration of where the story begins...i can't wait to come in december and maybe visit one of these places...click here to explore

make sure to download the pigeon wall paper, or the mailbox or the trash can and the new music mix 8 is inspired by new york

23 October 2008

envelope book :: from martha stewart

katie rhea sent me this link today for these booklets...they are beautiful and could be used for so many things...esp organizing

eye candy :: amy atlas events

i love how designed amy's table scapes are...beautiful and so appetizing...click here to visit her site

lotta jansdotter calendar fabric

i think this is just a beautiful calendar, and how could would it be after the year is over to use it in a project...as a memory of the year...click here to see more of lotta jansdotter's recent designs