30 September 2009

wishful thinking.....

if anyone ever wants to get me the best gift in the world, you can simply sign me up for this:

Autumn Color Workshop
with Nicolette Owen (of 
Nicolette Camille) and Sarah Ryhanen (ofSaipua)

Focusing on flowers and plants of the season, this class will explore alternative ways of interpreting the autumnal palette of the North East. In a small group we will discuss methods and techniques for arranging flowers for the table. Surrounded by opulent seasonal materials, students will have the opportunity to create their own autumnal masterpiece to take home.

Class is limited to 10 students.
Clippers will be provided and are a gift to take with you.
Of course, class will finish with a champagne and tea party.

and even better - if anyone wants to get two BFFs the best joint-gift in the world, you could sign both holly and me up for the class, and provide a plane ticket for holly to come up here. just think of the bonding that could take place over arranging flowers.... we will be sure to take pictures of our own autumnal masterpieces and send them to you...

just putting it out there...

29 September 2009

pumpkin palette

I was looking around martha stewart crafts today, trying to find something fun to make for halloween. i saw this beautiful image here while browsing around... again, proving that i'm a sucker for anything arranged in color order.

and in case you've ever wanted to know anything at all about pumpkins, you can read the little article and call yourself a pumpkin expert!

23 September 2009

more everyday beauty

i am especially loving these images from everyday beauty... images of a house they stumbled upon on an everyday country drive...

it's a little rundown, but if i were to be so lucky to move in i don't think i would change all that much... it's so beautiful in its current state. this blog has been on a roll lately - love it!

21 September 2009

beauty everyday - the dahlia farm

i am loving these images from last week's post on beauty everyday. i just adore this doorway, and i'm thinking that i also need to make friends with someone who has a dahlia farm... doesn't everyone?

one more time

okay, this is the last one, i promise... but along the lines of precious baby animals, i just saw this commercial and couldn't resist posting it. ok thanks for indulging me.

20 September 2009

the condo

so finally here are some pics of the condo...some it is still a bit disheveled but i wanted to go ahead and post a few pics for you to see LA

17 September 2009

cadillac and phoenix

while sitting at home sick this morning i saw this commercial on tv for cadillac...pretty sweet

15 September 2009

too... much... goodness....

whoa. there is just too much goodness to take it all in in these photographs! - oh, to be surrounded by beauty like this all the time...

note: i would probably give my right arm to have the craft room setup like this last one...

found via apartment therapy via you are my fave.

watercolor birds

i would like to be able to use watercolor like this....

these cute little birds are by Christine Lindstrom, and i found them on fey handmade.

it's funny, i think watercolor is probably my favorite medium to look at, but i get so frustrated when i try to actually work with it.... hmm, maybe that will be my next class to take....

black cab sessions

this is a pretty great website... some of my favorite artists perform a song in the back of a cab while driving through london... it's kind of like a mixture between cash cab & austin city limits!...

and this one is for you, holly...

10 September 2009

heartbreakingly cute

okay, so this doesn't really have anything to do with design.... but i just think this commercial is so precious.... it melts my heart - i mean, who doesn't like to look at cute baby animals?

07 September 2009

boiled p-nuts

this post is making me miss the south like whoa this morning.....

stitched thank-yous

my friend maggie asked me to make her a set of thank-yous for all of the wedding festivities she's having these days. it only took me forever & a day to get them done, but i finally finished them last night! - here they are.... inspired by a lot of the hollywood regency patterns i've been loving lately...

haha..... i got tired of looking at pictures on my hardwood floors so i tried to create a backdrop a la school day pictures.... awesome, right? it's like glamour shots for cards....

(in case you read this before i see you this afternoon, maggie... sorry to ruin the surprise! - consider this a sneak peek...)

(oh and rhonda, in case you're reading this too.... i haven't forgotten about your set! - they're in progress and will be coming next... this one just had a set time limit...)

kate spade ta da!

i had forgotten i took these pictures ages ago until i was uploading more photos from my camera this morning.... but better late than never, right?

just thought this storefront at kate spade was pretty fabulous. i love how they sometimes carry their window design out onto the sidewalk.... always a good treat for us unfriendly/grumpy new yorkers who walk around looking down all the time...

on that note, i fell in love with this ring i saw on oh joy! the other day and was just looking for a good excuse to post about it.... seeing as how it's from kate spade's holiday collection, i guess now's as good a time as ever!... it reminds me of you, holly!

02 September 2009

Sanna Paananen

this is some nice illustration work from sanna paananen

click here to see more

i love her application of color

wedgwood beauties

i am a little obsessed with this image from a posting all about wedgwood on design*sponge today.... line anything up in color-order and i'll love you forever!