31 January 2009

the invite

here are the invites for the party...i thought a postcard would be appropriate and also economical

design © holly b cook

be my italian valentine

for valentines this year peggy and i are having a valentine's retreat at the alabama riviera (lake martin)...it is going to be italian themed...here are some inspiration boards i put together for the party


hope you have a wonderful day!

29 January 2009


this is a sad day, friends....
even zooey looks sad.

domino mag is folding. stupid economy. what am i supposed to read now?!?!

28 January 2009

forget me not

i love these cards from austin press

the random folder on my desktop

on my desktop i have a folder that all the random images and ideas i pull off the net, here i will share...if something interests you, ask and i will try and remember where i pulled it from


from rebacca thuss photostyling

27 January 2009


zurich is one of my favorite cities and today two of my favorite blogs both had posts on zurich...

the first, grain edit, had a post on a map from the 1960's

the second, design sponge, had a deesign guide to zurich