26 November 2011

liz & sergio - city hall

yesterday i put together some flowers for liz & sergio who had a black friday city hall wedding. i've been talking with liz about flowers for their reception here in nyc in the spring, and we decided they needed some flowers for their civil ceremony this weekend too. it was fun to put together a little preview of the concepts we've been talking about for the reception. plus, some of my favorite flowers are starting to come back at the market so it was exciting to work with them again! I put together a bouquet and some boutonnieres/corsages, and had so much fun delivering them down to city hall. there's just something so romantic about getting married at city hall in new york, and liz & sergio both looked so fabulous! - i'm hoping to share some images from their photographer later, but for now here are some of the pics i took on my own...

23 November 2011

happy thanksgiving!

i love this holiday in new york. really, i love any holiday that is centered around food...

these are a couple of gorgeous images from new york magazine's spread on thanksgiving recipes a few weeks ago. they were too beautiful not to share... like a dutch still life.

the photos are by zachary zavislak. more of his work...

speaking of dutch still life paintings... the other day in john derian i found some really great glassware reproductions of vessels typical to these paintings. if i had all the money in the world i would drink out of them every day. i'll do a full post about them one day - once i find out the name of the company that makes them. but for now, just imagine these brought to life:

ps - i'm sorry i've been missing in action around here lately - i promise more new posts soon. and they won't be as random as this one was.

18 November 2011

christmas at the caroline house

Each year, Briarwood hosts a women's ministry event called Christmas at the Caroline house. Women from the church decorate the rooms for christmas. This year some girls from my small group and I decorated the small dining room. 

painting by Nicki Cochran