17 February 2010


so i just found out that there will be a liberty of london line released at target in march (march 14 to be exact) i am so excited that the beutiful liberty prints will be at a reasonable price and easily accessible

panda express

found via lilly pulitzer blog

FedEx Express is donating their services to transport two of America’s Giant Pandas back to China today. Per a contract with China regarding the loaning of their parents to the zoos these two must be returned to live in China and help further grow the panda population.

Mei Lan a 3 year-old female born in Atlanta and Tai Shan a 4 and a half year-old male born at the Smithsonian Zoo in Washington, DC will be flying in style today as they set off on a fourteen and a half hour flight from DC to Chengdu, China. (On a custom-decaled plane no less!)

Mei Lan

Tai Shan as a baby! So cute!

The pandas will be transported to the airplane by FedEx trucks in specially designed travel containers. They will also have caretakers making the journey alongside them. Once in China Mei Lan will be going to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Pandas Breeding and Tai Shan will be headed for the China Wildlife Conservation Association’s Nature Reserve in Sichuan.

We wish them both safe travels and a happy new life in China. They will be missed dearly!!

15 February 2010

poconos pics

here are a few pics from our trip to the poconos... as expected (and intended) we spent a LOT of time just doing nothing. but the group also managed to spend time doing some valentine-swapping and igloo-building as well...

walking on ice!! - a first for me. this lake was beautiful.

our house, from the back

the view i woke up to every morning...

delivering our valentines

a few people built an igloo, and it was impressive.


leeanne, i like how we kinda had the same idea for valentines...lacey paper thing...your's look really cute...this is one i made for my mom

kelsey and brett

these are the engagement shots for my sweet and very stylish friend kelsey
i got her super cute save the date this weekend...here is a link to her website which she designed herself along with the save the date

kelsey has asked me to direct her wedding in june, i am so excited to get to be apart of her special day

modern tropical from anthro

clever clever...

Clever stationary for cook and writer Lotta Lundgren designed by Daniel Carlsten.

found via bird and banner

14 February 2010

happy valentine's day!

i am in the poconos with several friends for the long weekend right now, and it has been wonderful - i needed a getaway stat!

and since our time here includes valentine's day, a couple of us came up with the idea to do an old-school valentine swap. you know - the kind where you had to bring valentines for everyone in the class so you didn't hurt anyone's feelings, and then on the big day you put your carefully-decorated mailbox (shoebox) on your desk, just waiting to see if you got the best valentine from the box of G.I. Joe valentines that your crush ___ got at the drug store....

anyway, i digress - you know i wanted to do something crafty. i found some great lace-like paper and cute red cards & pearly-white envelopes, and this is what i came up with - they couldn't be too involved because i had to make close to 20, but i'm okay with what i ended up with. mostly because they are tiny.

(refer to quarter for size!...)

11 February 2010

a snowy swan lake

tonight i went to the nyc ballet's performance of swan lake with my ballet buddy daniela.

and besides the ballet itself being one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen... it was so much fun seeing everyone have a fun time in the snow in lincoln plaza. there was a huge mound of shoveled snow in the corner, and people had started building snowmen on the ledge of the newly-installed fountain. it was such an "i love ny" moment!...

and, because i am now obsessed - watch this if you get a chance. pretty amazing.

10 February 2010

b'day flowers, a week later

so the people in my life know the way to my heart - birthday flowers!... (i guess i make it a little obvious sometimes...)

my parents sent flowers to me at work the friday before my birthday (great to be surprised!), and my friend pamela got me some great tiny yellow roses from the union square farmers' market (which are still going strong almost 2 weeks later, by the way...)

while they were beautiful to begin with, i almost like the flowers better as they're getting a little bit older...

the little yellow roses opened up really nicely, and faded to a creamy color...

this pink ranunculus (!!) was so beautiful and open, and the petals almost translucent right before it bit the dust. (sorry for the blurry pic - my camera doesn't quite know what to do with close-ups)

06 February 2010

we like it wild

well, we might as well rename this "the ranunculus blog" because it's become a serious obsession as of late.

but nonetheless, i thought i would post this too... i love love LOVE the candy box valentine tutorial that studio choo put together for we like it wild this week. i mean, really.... straight to my heart. and it just happened to have a little ranunculus in it. of course. PLUS quince blossoms... and tiny things. swoon.

05 February 2010

a tout va bien

i received this cute postcard from leah today...i love it and it will be great to add to my collection

thanks leah