28 December 2009

sarah perlis jewelry

i just love the jewelry by new york designer sarah perlis. her designs are so unique and organic... no cookie-cutter designs here! i love how she uses stones that are not your typical cut, and her settings focus on and take a lot of their shape from the stones. her designs, available here in her shop, are a bit of a splurge, but like nothing i've ever seen before.

as an added bonus, she has begun using raw diamonds that are panned instead of mined, along with recycled gold. so not only is her work beautiful, but environmentally & socially responsible as well. hmm.... birthday ideas?? haha, a girl can dream...

23 December 2009

books v. blogs

a good challenge, and perhaps a new year's resolution?...

found here

felted acorns

oh, man... the felted acorns featured this morning on design*sponge are just too cute!! - i think a tall, clear cylinder vase full of these would be really great as part of a winter centerpiece!... or there are probably a ton more uses i could think of....

the rest of the items in reya veltman's etsy shop are beautiful as well - her shop really makes me want to learn how to felt... i need to find somewhere to take lessons asap!

17 December 2009

buche de noel

my mom made this buche de noel cake last night, i think it turned out beautiful, it was tasty too

16 December 2009

pop-up calendar

out of all the calendars i pored over and tried to decide between this year, none of them were anything like this! - how cool... this seems like something i may need for my desk at work...?

(found here via this)

stop-motion wedding invite

i am pretty sure this is one of THE most amazing things i have ever seen!

(source: a random friend's facebook profile....)

lonny magazine: winter '09

the winter issue of lonny magazine is up!

i haven't gotten a chance yet to look through it all, but i can't wait to flip through it! - it looks promising....

dear LA and readers

i am so sorry to be so slow about posting on the blog! i miss it, and will begin posting lots of fun things. thanks for keeping it up LA


09 December 2009


sometimes i walk past this picture that's outside an optometry office on my way to/from work...

it's just a friendly little reminder to try and be fabulous....

07 December 2009

come visit!

holly -

please please please pretty please come visit me soon.....

and we can take the great gatsby boat tour!

how perfect!

i saw it here and decided that the two of us just HAVE to take it...

03 December 2009

cupcake cupcake

i love it when someone just gets your style... i got an email today from a friend who i miss a lot... she said she thought i would like this tutorial on 100 layer cake, and she was right!! - how fun would it be to have these all over the place for a party? or strung on a christmas tree? - ooh, and for a new year's party you could add in some metallic cupcake liners! - fancy....

02 December 2009

christmas in nyc

i have a love/hate relationship with christmas here in nyc. i love it because there are so many amazing things to do. but i hate it because there are TOO many amazing things to do....

this weekend is no exception - there's the martha stewart holiday craft sale.... with items created by the contributors to martha's craft blog. something tells me there will be some pretty impressive stuff there.

then, there's a workshop at the museum of arts & design on japanese holiday cards and gift wrapping. i love the MAD, and judging by the picture, i'm pretty sure i NEED to know how to wrap gifts japanese-style.

plus, there are gifts to be bought, cards to be made, friends to catch up with, and apartments to clean.... how to fit it all in???