31 March 2010

abstract expressionist stamps

i am not a huge fan of abstract expressionism, but i really like it on a stamp

click here for a q&a with the art director of these stamps and here to buy some from the postal service

famille summerbelle

it says it is for children's rooms, but i would put this stuff in my grown up room! so cute, and LA the new york map is totally for you!

24 March 2010

random beautiful-ness

i'm working on a new project at work where i actually get to look up the fun furniture that i normally never get to use!

so i've started a folder of random things i come across in my search that catch my eye... SO beautiful, all of it!

piero lissoni's wireframe tables from suite ny

silla ramon chair from santa & cole

this image from moroso for their newtone sofa

the peacock chair from cappellini !!

ribbon stools from cappellini

sardianian rug from moroso

this image from anthro's flickr of their new wallpaper

the kisimi occasional table from bleu nature

22 March 2010

pinwheel ring!

i. am. obsessed.

i knew that i loved this ring the moment i laid eyes on it... anything that incorporates a tiny version of an already cute object is just what i like. so naturally this cute little pinwheel ring from fey handmade caught my eye. and then when i clicked on it, i saw that IT WORKS!!! bonus!! i melted then and there.

yes please.

country drives

i would love to be transported to any and every one of the places in this post from beauty everyday...

05 March 2010

a holleeanne weekend

it's going to be a lovely weekend...

the sun is shining, it's above freezing in nyc, and holleeanne will be reunited for the weekend! hopefully there will be pictures and posts to come...

happy friday!

image via flickr

04 March 2010

alice in carpetland


usually when i find an inspiring image at work, i'm drifting a little off-task... but not this time! i was completely on task when i stumbled upon these great images on interface's website. who would have thought you could make carpet tile look so good??? a nod to alice in wonderland... and beautiful photography. thanks for brightening my day, interface!!

the life of hunt slonem

i love this guy's style.... he calls it "cluttering"- and if i lived in a larger apartment (his is 15,000 sq. ft!! - in nyc!!!) and actually had space for some clutter, i would completely subscribe to it. i love the bold colors on the walls full of paintings (especially the rabbits!), and just the eccentricity of it all!...

here is a link to the whole article, with slideshow, in nymag.

london anthro

i found this image on anthropologie's flickr page (via their twitter feed - haha, SO tech savvy...) and absolutely fell in love. they are building a new store in london, in an old building formerly used as an antiques dealer and a billiard hall. i am a sucker for stained glass windows (as well as curved bay windows), and can only imagine how beautiful this store is going to be... can't wait to see pictures of the finished product.