27 August 2009

read this to your kids for bedtime and they will for sure be graphic designers...

from Uppercase

Alphabeasties is a new book illustrated and designed by Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss of Werner Design Werks. The initial concept for the illustrations began as “The Wonderful World of Typology”, an animal kingdom made of letters that was used for a promotion for the Type Directors Club’s annual competition poster. Sharon explains what happened next:

“The TDC mailed about 25,000 posters and within a day or two, to our surprise, we received two calls from different publishers saying this would make a great children's book. Would we be interested in writing a children's book based on these animals?

Our first response was "we're not authors" and certainly not children's book authors, we're graphic designers. But as we thought it through, we warmed up to the idea. So we decided to give it a try. We did some initial layouts that in hindsight we realize were too clean, spare and far too sophisticated for a children's book and just not very engaging. The publisher pushed us to make them more fun and playful. We went back with a few revised sample spreads and they said "great! ...now do rest of the alphabet."

The entire book from beginning to end took just under 4 months to get to press. We are currently working on a set of flashcards and an activity book to accompany the book.”

The first printing of the book is already out of stock, but a second printing is in the works. I’ve ordered some for the shop and I look forward to seeing the publication in person. The foldout sections look fun and I love the end papers!

22 August 2009

birmingham food photographer

yesterday design*sponge featured food photography from jennifer davick, a photographer based in birmingham! - she works for southern living, did you know her when you worked there, holly?

the photographs featured on this posting are beautifully done, and the recipe sounds delicious! - i'm glad to know of another talented artist, and excited that she's from our hometown!!

20 August 2009


i was looking through the beast pieces blog and re-discovered this poster that they did for the college of visual arts in st. paul. i meant to post here as soon as i saw it, but forgot...until now!

it is so beautiful, they always do a good job over at studio on fire. i am continually impressed. and i love reading about their process, too. it just confirms my suspicion that i should work in a print shop instead of slaving away at this computer....

15 August 2009

get excited....

check out the t-shirt i ordered on a whim yesterday (thanks to a nyc-street spotting followed up by an "oh my gosh i just saw the perfect t-shirt for you" email from perr)

i don't really wear t-shirts as often as i used to, but i just couldn't resist this one... i can't wait until it gets here!

13 August 2009

3 more days....

aren't the images from this show just fabulous?

sometimes when i watch this show it makes me wish that guys still wore fedoras and trench coats....


woo hoo..... we've reached our 500th post!! (and it only took 1.5 years... haha)

photos: flickr, flickr, flickr

celia birtwell fabric

i love these celia birtwell fabrics, so elegant yet whimsical and charming too...any of these would be lovely on my new chippendale chairs...

click here to visit site


wanted: 20 of my best friends, willing to split the cost of a gift that keeps on giving... 25 colored pencils, thoughtfully put together in a package and sent my way - once a month for 20 months.... to add up to 500 pencils.

more info here.

LA...i didn't know your boyfriend goes to drew university...

from NY magazine

found via diane bergeron's blog

You will not find any bubbling lava lamps, fluffy flokati rugs, or Led Zeppelin black-light posters here. Maximilian Sinsteden’s dorm room, a tiny box in Hoyt-Bowne Hall on the bucolic campus of Drew University in Madison, New Jersey, looks more like a space fit for Thurston Howell III. But it is in fact a perfectly authentic expression of the 21-year-old college senior who was voted “preppiest in the class” at Choate Rosemary Hall and has a sincere love for Stubbs & Wootton slipper shoes and melon-colored pants. “I can’t live in a minimalist world,” says Sinsteden, who is majoring in French and art history. “For me, it’s all about eclecticism.”

10 August 2009

Beach Blanket Bingo Mocktail

last night i made mocktail for matt's going away party...it was really tasty, not super sweet either

i found it on lilly pulitzer's blog


3 oz Florida’s Natural Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice, 3 oz cranberry juice, soda water, lime wedge for garnish


Pour the juices into a collins glass filled with ice. Top with soda. Garnish with a lime wedge.