28 November 2007

paste magazine!

so... paste magazine has a deal right now to pay what you want for a year's subscription! - i'm spreading the word to everyone i know... it's a great magazine featuring great music (a free cd with every issue!), and now you can get it for a dollar!!!


27 November 2007

the walkstation

this is one of the funniest things i have seen in a while...it's a treadmill/workstation! - i promise it's not a joke - these people are serious!

to buy your own walkstation, click here - too funny!

20 November 2007

tea is good for you

some of the prettiest mass-packaging i've ever seen...and the tea is good, too! - when you open it, the underside of the cap says "tea is good for you"...too cute! - i am pretty sure whole foods carries it.

18 November 2007

night owl paper goods...eco-friendly

eco-friendly sustainably-harvested yellow birch cards


christmastime is here!

a great candle...for when you can't have a real christmas tree (or, if you're like me... great for when it's a little too early to get a christmas tree, but you already want the smell!)

10 November 2007

more fun stuff

p.s. - the music on the kate spade site posted earlier is fabulous!!! - go listen to it now...

the best idea ever

click here:


to see the best idea ever...

charley harper

i love charley harper's illustrations...todd oldham recently did this book in tribute of his life work of beautiful illustration...i really like his birds too

monadnock papers recently used his illustrations in their field guide to sustainable design...order one and learn to print in s sustainable way...and be inspired by harper's illustrations http://www.mpm.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=32&

explore...dwell studios

http://www.dwellstudio.com/ here is a bit of fun...exploring dwell studio...make sure to play the matching game

07 November 2007

Blog Binge

I kind of went on a blog binge last night, but decided to split it up between posts so I don't look like a total dork...but now I am publicizing that fact - so whoops...

But anyway, these are some more cool places I found...



amazing stuff...I just wish I had all day to find/look at stuff like this...

also, these blogs have been around for a while, but are still good...



So there you have it. Enjoy!

06 November 2007

and another thing

oh, and i found this...



So the first CB2 store in New York opened today...CB2 is a cheaper, slightly more modern version of Crate & Barrel. - Everything in that store is beautiful! (and fun and affordable...) - The website doesn't quite do it justice, but it is at www.cb2.com - enjoy!

02 November 2007

welcome to holleeanne

welcome to holleeanne...the blog of two friends bonded by design music and all things beautiful... separated by miles...we are so excited about this collaboration to continue our tradition of show and tell...and now not just to eachother but to you as well...so we hope ya'll enjoy