29 January 2010

the oxford

i keep seeing oxfords everywhere...and i love it...i got a pair this weekend and they have been quite a fun new item to wear

An Oxford shoe is a style of leather shoe with enclosed lacing. Oxford shoes are traditionally constructed of leather and were historically rather plain. The shoes originally appeared in Scotland and Ireland, where they are occasionally called Balmorals. The design of the shoe is often plain, but may include some small ornamentation or perforations.
from wikipedia

percy handmade

i think these are just beautiful!

28 January 2010

i think that you are wonderful

a really cute valentine, from one of my favorite paper-cut artists.... i love how he used a page out of the dictionary. getting it jut right must have taken some forethought!...

i found it here.

jessica hische studio visit

i love seeing other artists/designer's workspaces...grain edit had a post on jessica hishe's (creator of daily drop cap) studio

also check out all her amazing work here

just an fyi

in case anyone wants to know what makes my heart go pitter-patter, you can just refer to our friend leah's great blog post - a guy's guide to european fashion.

um, yes please - to all of the above.

(sorry, this is shameless. you probably don't want to read about my opinions on this stuff. i won't let it happen again.)

27 January 2010


so... i finally remembered to order it, and it finally came in the mail today! - and now holleeanne have matching friendship necklaces! - it's official now, holly! - we're friends... we have the necklaces to prove it!

by wendy mink

for the southern belle...

from terrain

25 January 2010

the oak room identity by pentagram

i really like this identity that pentagram did for this plaza hotel bar
...quite sophisticated and a really nice color palette

The Oak Room at the Plaza, now 102 years old, began as a men-only bar. Closed during Prohibition, it reopened as a restaurant in 1934. Years of modifications, not to mention decades of tobacco smoke, dimmed but never entirely extinguished its luster. 2008 brought a painstaking renovation led by architect Annabelle Selldorf. Although modern touches abound, the design team made a decision at the outset to channel the restaurant’s great iconic history. This is, after all, where the action in Hitchcock’s 1959 North by Northwest begins, with Cary Grant meeting friends in the Oak Room. Our goal was to create a graphic program that Cary Grant’s character, advertising executive Roger O. Thornhill, would have approved.

LA, want to pick me up a match box next time you are in the area

thoughts on thermography

i have typically thought thermography was somewhat tacky*...because it was fake engraving and if you don't engrave just use flat printing on nice paper..well my thoughts may be changing...after viewing a few nice pieces where thermography was chose intentionally because of its quality and aesthetic, it is growing on me

here is an article about it from felt and wire...

*please excuse my printing snobbishness in this post

24 January 2010

cocodot evites

i'm not even sure how i found this website - it showed up in my browser like i had visited it before, although i'm pretty sure i haven't - but nonetheless i stumbled upon it, and i love it!

move over, evite... because cocodot is so much prettier! the design is much better than any online invite service i've seen... you can choose from a ton of different designs, and can customize most of your text content and font.

i haven't tried it out for an actual invite yet, but it seems like you can do just about everything you can do on evite... AND you can import your contacts from gmail!... you can use it to send an e-card as well.

i'm sold. - and now i'm just looking for an event to try it out for...