30 March 2009

un sedicesimo

> Salve, mi dia un decimetro…
> Un decimetro di che…?
> Ah, va bene, allora mi dia un ettolitro…
> Ma un ettolitro di cosa…?
> Allora mi dia un sedicesimo!
> Ah, quello ce l’ho!
> Grazie.
> Grazie e arrivederci.

"Un Sedicesimo is a typographical measure: a sixteen-pages-binding, but is also a magazine!

Seventeen centimetres width for twentyfour height.

But it’s not a traditional magazine, it hasn’t got an editorial office nor a subject nor a fixed design.

Each issue has a different author, whose job is to create a sixteen-pages-long project.

Un Sedicesimo will be a magazine different at each time, from the headline to the colophon.
It will become a sort of gallery on paper, which proposes a new personal exhibition every two months, six times a year.

In short, it’s not about speaking of graphics, but making it.

Un Sedicesimo starts with many authors ready to go: Steven Guarnaccia, Moreno Gentili, Martí Guixé, Leonardo Sonnoli, Francesco Dondina, Federico Maggioni, Daniel Eatock, Paul Cox, Italo Lupi, Massimo Pitis, Gianluigi Toccafondo, Giulio Iacchetti, Gianluigi Colin and other artists, graphic designers, illustrators, students (why not?), writers and cooks too."

here are some images from louisa fili and steven heller's

louisa fili's new website

one of my favorite designers, louisa fili has a new website with a BLOG too...i have all the time been looking for a blog by her

it is beautiful, i love the hand lettering for her new logo

click here to visit

28 March 2009

so freaking cute

is this wedding website not the most insanely cute thing you've ever seen??

found here. (alongside some great calligraphy)

27 March 2009

emma lee photography

just beautiful, peaceful

click here to see more


i'm on a mad search at work today for a bench with a back - what i'm looking for is pretty much impossible to find, but in the process i found this - probably one of the best benches ever. by toyo ito for horm. mmmmm beautiful wood!

kathleen's portraits

kathleen is going to be in the miss dogwood pageant this weekend...jeff here at work did these portrait shots of her this weekend at the botanical gardens for her submission to the pageant...they turned out great

house on design sponge

i just loved this house on design sponge yesterday...esp the white kitchen


willoughby is a great design firm based in kansas city

i just discovered their new identity, using strathmore script on felt and wire, which is oh so nice


i came across this today while on design freebies, this is a promtional from mohawk's strathmore paper line...i used strathmore on my senior thesis...so i am going to print some of these ont the left over paper i have at home

click here to download you aerograms and here to learn more about the strathmore line

from felt and wire

"Aerograms were very popular in the 1940s and 50s, when mail delivery by air was new. The aerogram format combined envelope and notesheet {and sometimes pre-printed postage} on a single piece of lightweight paper. Today, this “onesie” construction may be ripe for a stylish and sustainable comeback.

Announcing The Aerogram-a-rama! Herewith your very own pdf {Pretty Darn Fancy} containing three aerogram templates. Each one can be printed out on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of Strathmore paper. It’s not homework, it’s an opportunity. Trim it out, fold it up, embellish to taste, and send it to Felt & Wire by April 22. We will publish our favorites on May 1. Now then: The first 10 readers to leave a comment will promptly receive a Spring Sampler of sheets ideally suited for this very purpose {including the Editor’s personal favorite, Soft Aqua}. What Strathmore could you ask?

By the way, I bought the 1947 aerogram (shown above & below) last week, from a collection my stamp dealer in Napa had recently acquired. You can see many collections of vintage aerograms online. During WWII, Victory Mail provided an emotional lifeline from the homefront to the battlefront. V-Mail allowed the troops and their loved ones to put their hearts and hopes on paper… and have them whisked overseas. A 2-minute 1944 newsreel shows the logistics of the mass-scale micro-filming. On a lighter note, Queen Elizabeth’s coronation was postally commemorated on aerograms and stamps. A grand cancellation proclaimed: Long live the Queen."

17 March 2009

haus maus

what a funny coincidence...this girl holly has a blog called haus maus (i did a project in school called maushaus and as many of you know i have a admiration for the little creatures)...holly lives splits time between germany and new hampshire

here is a link to her blog, and there are so many beautiful things on it

here are a few select pics i pulled

16 March 2009


i couldn't resist. for some reason i think this website is hysterical. seriously - actual scans of people's actual lunches.

i don't even want to think about what these scanners looked like after the sandwiches got a hold of them, though...

i found it on a cup of jo

b'day card cupcake bonanza

so several (5 to be exact) of my favorite friends/sister have birthdays at the end of february and beginning of march. and instead of buying expensive letterpressed cards from my favorite store paper presentation like i usually do, i had this idea for a card i could make them... i bought a little bundle of quilting fabric scraps from purl patchwork, and got to stitchin'. 

now that all of the birthdays are over and the cards are no longer a surprise, i can post them here! - so... a(nother) happy birthday to meagan, carrie, megan, nicole, and daniela!!

(i apologize again for the horrible photography.... it's really hard to find a decent place to shoot anything in this tiny sardine-sized apartment...)