25 June 2010

Tenth Ave North Promo Design

here is some promo stuff i did for Tenth Ave North, a band coming this August to perform at Briarwood

20 June 2010

sara & ben

so this weekend was a pretty big one for me. in kind of a last-minute decision, i agreed to do the flowers for my friends ben and sara's wedding which was yesterday (sidenote - their announcement made the cut for the nytimes wedding section!!!).

it was kind of a leap of faith since i'd never done flowers for anyone other than myself/family before - and never on this scale... but i think everything turned out well! thankfully the venues were amazing already and didn't need any huge dramatic arrangements because i know i couldn't have pulled it off if they did...

anyway, i had such a fun time doing it and was pretty excited about how it all turned out.... so now i am trying to hatch a plan for how to quit my day-job and do flowers forever... here are some pics!

....and most importantly - congrats ben & sara!!!

18 June 2010

women's newsletter

so it has been quote a while since i have posted anything, i have recenly changed jobs and that has kept me busy

here is the women's newsletter for church, one of my first projects i have worked on

click here to download a pdf of it, there are some really sweet stories