29 May 2009

cute phones and more

this is for reference for a scribbler project i am working on and i am tired of these sitting on the desktop...they are cute...so i thought i put them here...along with some other pretty random things...presidential china, color palettes...a piece of furniture by jonathan adler

the orla kiley swim collection...

...is just too cute

along with other things such as bags and seersucker shorts and jackets

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trevor newberry, 23, barista

so trevor, friend of mine (roomate of mattthew hinshaw) who is always kind enough to make me a chai when i head to primavera or urban, made the cut for birmingham magazine's most beautiful people...so i thougth i would feature him on the blog as well...LA he reads our blog regularly, said it was refreshment from study on coffee

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this is a new font from hf&j

For everyone who’s ever wished Clarendons had italics, everyone whose favorite slab serif is shy a few weights, and everyone who’s ever needed a slab serif to thrive in text: we designed Sentinel for you.

jeff canham

i love this fun california design work by jeff canham...makes me want to go to the beach

typography geeks

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28 May 2009

toyota prius harmony commercial

i just saw this commercial for the new 2010 toyota prius - part of their new ad campaign... very cool!

25 May 2009

the city of brotherly lovely love

since it is so close to nyc, i've wanted to make a trip to philly for a while now. so on saturday, to celebrate the long weekend, perryn pamela and i took the (very!) early train down to explore for the day. 

we started out at Penn's campus, which was so beautiful. it kind of puts auburn's campus to shame...

then we headed into the city and explored some more... we started in the city hall area.

later we found what i think is the cutest street in the city - quince street, in center city. there was an apartment for rent and some serious consideration took place....

and there are some great stores in philly... of course there's the flagship anthropologie... in an amazing, old, beautifully restored mansion. incredible. and holly, this is for you - we passed by a violin shop ... it wasn't open, so the best pictures i could get were from the outside with a pretty bad glare. but it looked like a pretty interesting store, i wish i could have gone in.

throughout the day i kept finding interesting, inspiring details to take pictures of. whether a beautiful architectural detail, a windowbox full of flowers up against a beautiful grey brick wall, bright cheerful shutters, or sidewalk chalk "graffiti" drawn like water leaking from a fountain, this city is packed full of inspiring things.... i'm definitely looking forward to going back soon!

this is for you

so perryn, pamela, and i went to philly for the day on saturday (post to come) and so of course i had to go to the flagship anthropologie store while we were there. it was absolutely gorgeous - in an amazing, beautiful old mansion - 4 floors of beautiful! - i just wish i could have taken pictures...

but anyway, while we were there i saw a book that i just couldn't resist. it's called this is for you by rob ryan. he is a london-based artist who works in cut paper (etsy shop here), and he has done an amazing job with this book - it's absolutely just the sweetest little book ever, kind of like a childrens' book for grown-ups. as the front cover says, 

"if you believe in love, but find it difficult to explain - this is for you."

one of my favorite books to stumble upon in a long time.... you can (and should) get it on amazon.

more of his work is below... so sweet!

a cute deck of cards

i would like to have this deck of cards, please...

so cute!

i found them via oh so beautiful paper's national stationery show roundup.

22 May 2009

martha + cranes = beautiful

this are some pieces from martha stewart's new wedding stationery line fore cranes

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