25 May 2009

the city of brotherly lovely love

since it is so close to nyc, i've wanted to make a trip to philly for a while now. so on saturday, to celebrate the long weekend, perryn pamela and i took the (very!) early train down to explore for the day. 

we started out at Penn's campus, which was so beautiful. it kind of puts auburn's campus to shame...

then we headed into the city and explored some more... we started in the city hall area.

later we found what i think is the cutest street in the city - quince street, in center city. there was an apartment for rent and some serious consideration took place....

and there are some great stores in philly... of course there's the flagship anthropologie... in an amazing, old, beautifully restored mansion. incredible. and holly, this is for you - we passed by a violin shop ... it wasn't open, so the best pictures i could get were from the outside with a pretty bad glare. but it looked like a pretty interesting store, i wish i could have gone in.

throughout the day i kept finding interesting, inspiring details to take pictures of. whether a beautiful architectural detail, a windowbox full of flowers up against a beautiful grey brick wall, bright cheerful shutters, or sidewalk chalk "graffiti" drawn like water leaking from a fountain, this city is packed full of inspiring things.... i'm definitely looking forward to going back soon!


PamCakes said...

Love these pics! Such a great time!

holly said...

LA, great pics!

love the violin shop...and i want to visit that anthro

what a fun trip