25 May 2009

this is for you

so perryn, pamela, and i went to philly for the day on saturday (post to come) and so of course i had to go to the flagship anthropologie store while we were there. it was absolutely gorgeous - in an amazing, beautiful old mansion - 4 floors of beautiful! - i just wish i could have taken pictures...

but anyway, while we were there i saw a book that i just couldn't resist. it's called this is for you by rob ryan. he is a london-based artist who works in cut paper (etsy shop here), and he has done an amazing job with this book - it's absolutely just the sweetest little book ever, kind of like a childrens' book for grown-ups. as the front cover says, 

"if you believe in love, but find it difficult to explain - this is for you."

one of my favorite books to stumble upon in a long time.... you can (and should) get it on amazon.

more of his work is below... so sweet!

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