30 June 2011

flowers for tandus

yesterday morning i put together some flowers for an event at the tandus carpet showroom. the theme was james bond, so i was trying to channel "bachelor pad" for this one. i was really excited with how this little trio turned out - the deep red cymbidum orchids were to die for.

birmingham, save the date

I am so excited about the Design Sponge book coming out in the fall.
Grace has scheduled a book tour and will be coming to Birmingham on November 1.
Can't wait, it would be so fun to meet her.

matchbook magazine!

I am so excited about the feature of the just married section of Matchbook Magazine. 
Click here to see and turn to page 149.

28 June 2011

doily placecard

I love this place card idea I just saw on the Ritzy Bee Blog (they saw it on Martha Stewart). I can't wait to use this at my next party.

scout happenings :: new space

We recently expanded our space at the Pepper Place. It is so nice! I love our new Steelcase Desks, we now have a roomy awesome conference room and our Mannington carpet really finishes the space off well.

27 June 2011

26 June 2011

designing women

i honestly can't remember how i came to this link (probably via someone's twitter feed?) but i really love this slideshow from GOOD and finally got around to posting it after a seriously busy week. it features 25 super-talented women designers and illustrators. the full slideshow is here, with some of my faves below.

practice for july

yesterday i put together a practice arrangement for a wedding i'm doing in a few weeks. the style of the wedding is more modern & clean than those i've done in the past, so i wanted to do a practice run to uncover any issues that might come up in putting them together. i'm pleased with the way it turned out, but also glad to have practiced and come up with a few ways to improve the arrangements before the big day. more to come from this wedding in mid-july...

24 June 2011

date night kit

I just finished making this date night kit for the couple that counseled Charlton and I before getting married. Benny and Brenda were so generous with their time and we are so thankful for the things we learned from them that we wanted to thank them. We thought the perfect gift would be 4 date nights planned and ready to go. This is a gift to Benny, so he doesn't have to plan and a gift to Brenda, because each night will hold something new for her to discover.

The ideas come from dates Charlton and I enjoyed while dating and we still enjoy being married today...you might enjoy them too, if you're in Birmingham.

Date No 1 :: A Casual Date, Beer and Pizza

dinner: whole foods market

recommended menu: portabello pesto pizza and 365 brand root beer

post dinner: dollar movie on lorna road
visit carmike.com for showimes

Date No 2 :: A Fancy Dinner Date, Bottega Cafe

pre dinner: take a stroll around highland park

dinner: bottega cafe on highland avenue

post dinner: on your way home stop by 32° 
at the summit for some yogurt

Date No 3: A Coffee Date, O'Henry's

where: o’henry’s coffee shop on 18th street
in downtown homwood

what: enjoy relaxing and spending time together;
after coffee take a stroll around homewood

Date No 4: A Cheap Date, Spare Change

what: when money is tight, we like to fish around 
for spare change and see if we can find 
enough for ice cream

where: depends on how much change you can find 
and you might have to share


Mix is my new favorite lunch spot in Birmingham. Chris DuPont of Cafe Dupot teamed with Corey Hinkel and opened Mix this past spring in downtown Birmingham. The have fabulous pastries and bread and a great lunch menu.

No website yet, so check them out on facebook for more information.


So I just discovered the scor-it-all board. We have one at Scout and it is awesome! 
Scores things perfectly and professionally.
Click here to find out more.

20 June 2011

scout happenings :: children's hospital

Check out the Birmingham New's today to see this new creative shape ad for Children's Hospital, featuring their new branding campaign. There will be some more of these feature in the next few weeks, so keep a look out.

Also, speaking of Children's Hospital, their expansion is getting closer to being done 
and is a wonderful addition to downtown.