22 April 2012

liz & sergio at the foundry

yesterday i did the flowers for liz & sergio's wedding ceremony & reception. i did a few flowers for their civil ceremony back in november, and their formal ceremony & reception this weekend were a lot of fun to incorporate some more spring-ish flowers into. i was excited to work at the foundry  - it is such a beautiful venue. sadly everything was such a whirlwind that i was only able to snap a few photos on my way out, but here are some:

oh, and holly did calligraphy for their escort cards - they looked so great! (sorry i didn't get more pictures, holly!)

21 April 2012

pie flags

I made these little flags for a wedding this weekend. I think they are such 
a sweet little detail.

18 April 2012

17 April 2012

new invite design

I am loving this new invite design I just did for a Kentucky bride...it is going to be letterpressed too...


Hidden behind my church are some of the most beautiful rose bushes. Here are a few pictures I took of them the other day...

14 April 2012

map making

Today, I created some maps for a few April weddings...

08 April 2012

last week's mockup

last weekend i put together a centerpiece mockup for liz & sergio's wedding reception which is happening in less than 2 weeks now. i'm pretty excited about using a combination of loose succulents, botanica candles, and a sliced-up 60 lb birch log that i had the pleasure of toting to red hook a few weeks ago.

here's a few photos of the mockup all together:

this little hellebore was freckled perfection:

and these crazy ranunculus kids that were part of it have just kept getting prettier and prettier all week... love.