26 August 2008

alphabet ribbon

this alphabet ribbon is imported from Italy and available from angela liguori and can be purchased at her etsy shop

angela also has a wonderful blog on bookmaking

present + correct

this british company has so many cute vintage, yet graphic items....my favorite has to be the owl stapler

25 August 2008

anne wood's birds go camping

anne wood (annewoodhandmade.com) has a new collection of birds, they go on sale august 27 at 3 pm est...this last batch got to go camping...arn't they cute

23 August 2008

kate spade music

from katespade.com

"this fall kate spade debuts its first-ever kate spade music cd. the eight songs, written and recorded exclusively for kate spade by beaumont, a modern pop band from the uk, offer a nod to '60s cocktail music with a jolt of modern glamour. beaumont captures the sparkle and kick of kate spade in an unexpected and vibrant style. "

19 August 2008

more photography...omni studio

i am quite obsessed with photography lately...can you tell...any way this is the work of liesa cole of omni studio...i love these mural like photos she does

dirty laundry

magic city barber

paris metro

68th street :: birmingham, alabama

18 August 2008

stephen devries photography

i went to auburn with stephen...did you ever meet him?...now he is hanging out here in birmingham and doing lots of photography...he also runs a non-profit called bedouins international...here are some of my favorites from his website

ryan adams at the alabama theatre

ryan adams at the alabama theatre

tom and emily (friends from auburn too)

a cute wedding picture

elepants in birmingham


16 August 2008

renegade craft fair

"hipsters looking for a cool screen printed t-shirt and their parents looking for something to decorate a children's room" was the description i read in mary engelbrite's home companion...and so i told my mom this morning that i want to go to this craft fair...and i think we are going to go...we are going to take a road trip up to chicago (and listen to sufjan all the way)...how fun...check out their website

photography and phelps

michael phelps...13 gold medals...16 overall...one more to go tomorrow night...he is defiantly the target of every camera in beijing this year...and some dynamic photography has come out...check out nbc's olympic website for more photos too...not just of phelps but of all events at the 2008 olympics...i have also included a few of lochte as well

15 August 2008


I'm not going to lie... this was pulled straight from the design*sponge blog. but it is one fabulous music video from architecture in helsinki!

It reminds me a little of the Pricked! exhibit that I went to a while back at the Museum of Arts & Design - all about embroidery in contemporary art. most interesting was definitely the hair embroidery by Kate Kretz... she used actual hair as her embroidery floss...

this makes me excited for the opening of MAD's new building! - on Sept. 27! bigger building = more room for fabulous exhibits! - can't wait!

14 August 2008

letter press workshop at Kempis Press

a couple of weekends ago, sarah robins and i did a letterpress workshop at Kempis Press downtown...we learned so much, and had a ton of fun

11 August 2008

LAMA :: latin america in the modern age

this e-shop is devoted to handmade items from latin america. they have very unique, colorful and cute things. here are some of my favorites. (i love the soap packaging)

07 August 2008


i guess there's a blog out there for everyone... this one is solely about ampersands! but i agree, the ampersand is definitely one of the nicest symbols in typography.

... and here's a little fun fact - the shape of the ampersand was derived from the latin word "et"... who knew?

04 August 2008


this website is kind of fun... a good way to find new music. and perfect for a day at work when you're bored with the music on your ipod... you never know what you may find!