30 July 2009


there is just always something so great about j.crew's fall collection. i am usually ready for the hot summer weather to end by about june, and am always excited when it comes time to pull out boots and light jackets. j.crew usually channels my excitement about fall pretty much to a t. and this year is no exception....

i am especially fond of (read: absolutely insanely obsessed with) these shoes....

28 July 2009

dining by design

dining by design is a fundraiser for diffa (design industries foundations fighting aids) that is held each year in kansas city...the past couple of years david jimenez has done the event design, which i think is stunning as you can see below

david jimenez

27 July 2009

full moon bbq

"A poll featured on MSN’s city guide, recognized “Full Moon Barbecue” as one of the top ten barbecue restaurants nationwide. It stacked up against restaurants from Cincinnati, Texas, and even Kansas City.

Owner David Maluff and his brother will have to fight for that best of the south title. The poll also recognized an Atlanta barbecue restaurant, “Fox Brothers”, co-owned by identical twins."

CBS News

26 July 2009

letterpress printing at the arm

my friends maggie and neal are getting married in october, and maggie's roommate kyo is doing their invitations. they rented some time on one of the presses at the arm in brooklyn and were sweet enough to let me come watch/help.

and oh, i was like a little kid in a candy store.... everywhere i turned there was a new drawer to open that was full of type, or some beautiful piece of equipment, or a fun poster on the wall.

we had fun printing the invites, and they look great! i'm so glad maggie & kyo let me tag along with them! next on my list of classes to take is definitely letterpress!

25 July 2009

fyi, i am totally channeling (okay, copying....) zooey deschanel's cute cute hair ribbons from (500) days of summer.

i will be rocking a fluorescent pink one today.

photo here

21 July 2009

the bqe

THE BQE- A Film By Sufjan Stevens from Asthmatic Kitty on Vimeo.

click here to head more

beach ball lamp shades!

how fun for summer!

these lamp shades from TOBYhouse start as actual beach balls, then are given new life and a hard shell on the inside to make them usable as pendant lamp shades. but the exterior remains untouched, so it still looks just like a beach ball.

how fun to have a big grouping of them... i am thinking of all the great rooms you could put these in....

18 July 2009

more b'day cupcakes!

while i was down at the beach with the fam last week, i brought my crafting supplies with me to make some cards for a few july birthdays... the intent was to make more cupcake cards, but sadly i forgot to bring my scissors... so cutting out fabric wasn't exactly an option. i did, however, have my needle and thread so i made do with what i had... and i kinda like how they turned out!

so happy birthday melissa, meghan, and margaret!!

why i love nyc: reason no. 3,845

on thursday my friend margaret and i went to the brooklyn bridge park for movies with a view. the movie this week was the maltese falcon, and it was so much fun! - the park is amazing, the sunset was beautiful, and it was just wonderful to get to watch this great old movie under the shadow of the beautiful old bridge...

i will be going back every week possible until the end of the summer!

15 July 2009

yes please.

oh my goodness...

this is one of the cutest, most amazing and delicious websites i've ever seen.

saint cupcake in portland has this online store... where you can mix & match your cupcake/icing/sprinkles options. you get to design three of your very own cupcakes and they will ship them directly to you, wrapped up in such a cute little cupcake care package...

(are you reading this, nicole?)

here's how it goes:

(and my personal favorite.....)

plus, you pay with paypal... which is so darn easy, it always gets me in trouble...

(can't wait)

09 July 2009

peonies, dahlias & garden roses....beauty.

i am totally in love with this image from flowerwild design's blog....

sigh.... i wish i could have something like this in my apartment at all times.

birdie cupcakes

awww.... holly, these cupcakes remind me of the cookies you made for our awesome sufjan stevens/bird-themed party we had back in the day..... good times.

i saw them on the free people blog.

05 July 2009

julie and julia

this looks like it is going to be cute...leeanne, we should take the martha stewart craft book and do the same thing...

comes out august 7

03 July 2009

reminds me of you

this little necklace reminded me of you...am i correct...found via oh joy...necklace by albeit

condo inspiration

so i have been collecting images for quite a while now of interiors that i like...the images have built up quite a collection so i decided to post them so i could clean up my computer...

these come from all over the place, if you would like to know the source of one of the images please comment and i will let you know

also, rubie green's blog is one of my fav's for inspiration and quite a few of these images came from her