30 April 2009

spring projects

here are a few projects that i have done this spring

© holly b. cook designs

darling clementine :: paris celebration

these are just so cute...found them via parcel post and they are by norwegian shop, darling clementine

studio a photography

this is some of the work from my friends doug and amy anderson...we went to auburn together...they now live in daphne and are building a photography business

click here to visit their website and blog

28 April 2009

why i love nyc

because where else could you find ranunculus as beautiful as this....in a little bodega on the street corner....at the end of ranunculus season....for $10???

ok. i have a confession. i am obsessed. this is my favorite flower ever.

coming up: lilac & peony seasons.... get your noses ready!...

i neeeeeed this teeeelight

ah - what a cute pendant lamp!! - by jan berstein

24 April 2009


i ordered the andrew bird poster that i posted about earlier...got it in the mail...and yes silk screened in metallic ink...gorgeous

WILCO at Sloss Furnace

so i think that this might be one of the best shows i have been to...at least top 3...we got there early and we were at the very front...so much fun...after the show we got to meet patrick sansone...he has also recorded with ryan adams and andrew bird

some of these photos complements to andrew e hill

21 April 2009

succulent wreath

here's another great find on designsponge today.... and quite possibly one of my favorite images EVER... from a great interview with flora grubb.

my goodness, i am in love.

illustrated in full color

this is an awesome research blog for illustration that i just found through design sponge

the author's intention is to find 100 illustrated gems to use as research for his masters