30 September 2011

extremely loud & incredibly close

extremely loud & incredibly close is one of my favorite books of all time, and the buzz is building around the movie based on it which is supposed to come out at the end of the year. i just saw the trailer for the first time, and it got me excited to see it! - i really hope the movie does justice to the book!

29 September 2011

the weekender

the mta (nyc's transit authority) is not exactly well-known for their cutting-edge graphics. and that is a complete understatement. but for once they've put together something that is very well designed! - they've enlisted massimo vignelli to re-work his 1972 version of the subway map to use on their new site called the weekender, an interactive site that keeps new yorkers informed of the scheduled service changes set to take place in the subway during the upcoming weekend (helpful!)

when vignelli originally designed the subway map, people had issues with the fact that it was more of a "diagram" than a geographically correct map, so they took it out of use a few years after he designed it. but now he has been vindicated and his map is back in use, with a few updates... as this article points out, his design was way ahead of its time so it was seamless to update it for a digital world. i loved the article and it made me think of you, holly, and your love for the vignellis!

homemade oreos

Last night I made homemade oreos and they were AMAZING! They were also pretty simple to make and they look really cute. I found the recipe on my friend, Jenny-Lyn's blog.  

27 September 2011

frank stella

Frank Stella is one of my favorite artists...I cannot really explain why, but its something about the shapes uses and the color palette of his work that just captures me

I was excited to see on the Tory Burch blog that there is a new exhibit at the Paul Kasmin gallery of some of his work between from the Concentric Square and Mitered Mazes collections as well as, New Madrid from his Benjamin Moore series, which is my favorite piece they are exhibiting.

The show opens today and if I were in New York, I would definitely go.

24 September 2011

my new specs

yesterday at work, right before i packed up for the day, i got a super fun package delivered to my desk. i'd ordered a new pair of glasses from warby parker last weekend and they came way faster than i thought they would!
these are the specs that i decided on, and i already love them!

i could not say too many good things about warby parker - their frame selection is super cool! they will let you choose 5 pairs to have sent to your home for 5 days to try out and gather opinions before you send them back.... all for free! once you do decide on a pair, they're only $95, including lenses! (unless you're blind like me, but it's a pretty small fee for an upgrade to higher strength prescriptions.) shipping and returns are free! and for each pair you buy, they donate a pair to someone in need! also, for the dudes, you can order a monocle!... i really appreciate all of the really great packaging and collateral design. all in all, they just get what makes it easy and pleasant to choose a pair of glasses!

23 September 2011

just about the cutest coat ever...

i wish it came in my size



precious little dress, so classic...
i think madeline would have worn this

all available here

laduree on madison

Laduree, a french patisserie specializing in macaroons, opened recently on Madison Avenue. 
LeeAnne, you need to go visit and give us a report on the new store and send me a macaroon.

Photos from Habitually Chic

Also, nice write up here from the New York Times

20 September 2011

hannon's wedding

Hannon's wedding was this past weekend. I had so much fun working on all her paper goods. Here are some quick pics of her map and program and some iphone pics that one of her bridesmaids took. I cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures from the weekend.

13 September 2011

spring 2012 color forecast

Pantone released the Spring 2012 color forecast today. I am loving Tangerine Tango,
 Cockatoo and Bellflower. Click here to read more.

04 September 2011

flowers for bruce

yesterday my friend kyo helped throw a wonderful shower for our friend maggie, who will be having a baby boy later this fall. kyo asked me to put together some flowers for the shower, and of course i obliged! while shopping, i was secretly wishing that maggie was having a girl because of all of the beautiful pink garden roses that were out and i was dying to buy, but in the end i was really happy with the flowers that i did buy. i got the last bundle of tweedia from g.page and i think it was the perfect little boy touch. i'd also like to add that the white dahlias were absolute perfection. 
here are a few images of what i put together...

....everyone, meet bruce... we can't wait for you to come!!

02 September 2011

the makers

i'm not sure how i've missed out on this since january, but i just came across this wonderful photo project by jennifer causey called the makers. she is a photographer in brooklyn who goes around to different artists in the borough and takes some beautiful photographs of their space and their working process. some of my favorite artists are part of the project, and i'm excited to have found several new favorites too. love it! it's so inspiring and encouraging to see all these people who are following their dreams and doing what they love.

***update: according to some twitter chatter i heard the other day, they're turning this project into a book!! can't wait!***