27 June 2009

little cuties

this morning i made a trip up to 28th street to see what i could find in the wholesale flower shops, and i found this great bunch of chamomile....

look at how cute it is in these little ceramic cups that nicole gave me for christmas this year!

it's cute in a little terra cotta pot, too.

i swear.... if i could live my life in miniature i think i would do it! - anything tiny just makes my heart smile.

(sidenote: i really wish my window didn't have bars on it....)

25 June 2009


i really like the work by paris based design firm supercinq

the spreads from the book at the end is about the subway in paris

tetris tiles = awesome

i love these tiles! - they take me back to the good ole days of playing gameboy in the back seat on a long trip.... i used to love me some tetris - i can still hear the music!

and, the company can make them in practically any pantone color, which is pretty awesome as well.

a cute embroidered headboard

i LOVE this idea from designsponge today!

if my room was just 3 inches longer, i would be able to squeeze a headboard between my bed and the wall. and i would totally make this...

23 June 2009


simon schubert's paper-fold 2-d sculptures have already made the rounds on a ton of the blogs i follow, and for good reason!

my jaw dropped when i saw these.... my goodness.

beautiful boston

this weekend i had myself a little do-nothing retreat in boston (and thanks to sarah nell & pete i had an awesome place to crash!). i had such a great weekend of relaxing and reading and exploring the city. i spent a lot of time in the public garden. in fact, it is the only place i even took pictures....

 the landscaping there is absolutely amazing.... beeeeeautiful old weeping willow trees kissing the  water, red japanese maple trees, and a great rose garden....

my favorite part, though, was the bed of alium, in full bloom. especially with all the balloons floating up above so cutely...

18 June 2009

mmmmmm good

i would kill for some of this peach cobbler right about now!

from beauty everyday - and their photography makes me want it even more!...

17 June 2009


i am slightly obsessed with this little cutie from doodle bird design's etsy shop!

the high line

ooh! ooh! - i was here on sunday! - so glad seesaw designs decided to post a little something about the high line!

16 June 2009

packaging design

i was researching on the dieline and here is some nice packaging design

13 June 2009