07 September 2009

stitched thank-yous

my friend maggie asked me to make her a set of thank-yous for all of the wedding festivities she's having these days. it only took me forever & a day to get them done, but i finally finished them last night! - here they are.... inspired by a lot of the hollywood regency patterns i've been loving lately...

haha..... i got tired of looking at pictures on my hardwood floors so i tried to create a backdrop a la school day pictures.... awesome, right? it's like glamour shots for cards....

(in case you read this before i see you this afternoon, maggie... sorry to ruin the surprise! - consider this a sneak peek...)

(oh and rhonda, in case you're reading this too.... i haven't forgotten about your set! - they're in progress and will be coming next... this one just had a set time limit...)