30 September 2009

wishful thinking.....

if anyone ever wants to get me the best gift in the world, you can simply sign me up for this:

Autumn Color Workshop
with Nicolette Owen (of 
Nicolette Camille) and Sarah Ryhanen (ofSaipua)

Focusing on flowers and plants of the season, this class will explore alternative ways of interpreting the autumnal palette of the North East. In a small group we will discuss methods and techniques for arranging flowers for the table. Surrounded by opulent seasonal materials, students will have the opportunity to create their own autumnal masterpiece to take home.

Class is limited to 10 students.
Clippers will be provided and are a gift to take with you.
Of course, class will finish with a champagne and tea party.

and even better - if anyone wants to get two BFFs the best joint-gift in the world, you could sign both holly and me up for the class, and provide a plane ticket for holly to come up here. just think of the bonding that could take place over arranging flowers.... we will be sure to take pictures of our own autumnal masterpieces and send them to you...

just putting it out there...

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