07 September 2009

kate spade ta da!

i had forgotten i took these pictures ages ago until i was uploading more photos from my camera this morning.... but better late than never, right?

just thought this storefront at kate spade was pretty fabulous. i love how they sometimes carry their window design out onto the sidewalk.... always a good treat for us unfriendly/grumpy new yorkers who walk around looking down all the time...

on that note, i fell in love with this ring i saw on oh joy! the other day and was just looking for a good excuse to post about it.... seeing as how it's from kate spade's holiday collection, i guess now's as good a time as ever!... it reminds me of you, holly!

1 comment:

Perryn said...

love this!! except i get so dizzy every time i walk over this black & white piece on the sidewalk. so weird.