07 March 2011

they're called forget me nots for a reason.

so my friend maggie has become someone i can depend on to always ask for flower arrangements here and there when she needs them, and i love it! last week she asked me to put together some flowers for an event she was coordinating for her work. perfect timing because the most gorgeous, colorful spring flowers are just starting to come out in the market which is such a relief from this interminable winter. we went super-springy with pink tulips, astrantia, geranium leaves, and forget me nots. we had a close call and thought we were about to lose the forget me nots, but they managed to make it through.... lesson learned. they are delicate little boogers.

anywho, i was happy with how it all came out - we tied them up with lace in cute little bouquets so people could take them home after the dinner. so springy! so fun! thanks again, maggie!!

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Maggie said...

they were so beautiful! thanks again LA :) (great pics by the way)