28 March 2011

i want one...

This is a petite lap giraffe, isn't he cute, he is from Russia.

Here are some details on him...

Petite Lap Giraffes are very funny animal that require special care. They need lots of love. Hugs and kisses every day. Otherwise they make tears. 
If you have children, petite lap giraffes no problem. If child is loud, the giraffe will be shy, but does not bite. PLG’s are very clean. With training they will go in box like cats. Allergies never a problem. 
Size: adult is 76 centimeters, baby is 15 centimeters tall. Weight is 4.5kg unless the giraffe is fat cow then 5.44kg  
Diet: distilled water and bonsai tree leaves
Health problems: none. They are the best. 
Gestation: 420 days 
Living conditions: PLG’s love being indoors in filtered air conditioning. If they can listen to music of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov it is dream. 
Grooming: a bubble bath once a week with purified water is all they need.

Thanks Perryn for sharing.

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