23 March 2011

free ipad and harp law llc

So a client we have here at work, Harp Law LLC, decided he would hold a competition to give away his old ipad to whoever wrote the best essay on why they "need" an ipad, and I won. I am so excited about my new ipad.

Here is my essay...
I would love to have an ipad to use as I start up my stationerybusiness. It is my dream to have a stationery business one day and Icurrently take on a few side projects of design wedding stationery forfriends. As I take on clients an ipad would be the ideal method forshowing my portfolio. I usually am meeting with potential clients on awhim and at places, like restaurants, that are hard to take portfoliopieces with me or the laptop is too bulky. So the ipad would come inhandy because it is small and portable yet has a great display screento showcase my work.

We also launched Harp Law's website today. It is really nice, Dan did a great job.  Click here to take a look.

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