05 August 2009

tipoteca italiana

i would just about flip to visit this place, louise fili's students visited this during their summer studies in italy and got FREE REIGN of the place...wow, how incredible would that be!

The Tipoteca Italiana fondazione is seated at Cornuda, in Treviso province, in the heart of Veneto Region.

Located in the buildings of the old "Canapificio Veneto", the Tipoteca was born to welcome events that increase the value of typography: in fact, its goal is to evidence the meaning, the origin and the aim
of Italian type designers, from the industrial revolution to nowadays.

Tipoteca is not only a rich collection of typefaces, but also archive, museum, casting and restoring workshops, printshop, library... Many aspects of the same multipurpose building.

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leeanne said...

i would really like to see a finished copy of whatever that little guy is working on in the next to last picture!....