02 August 2009

a southern fete

it may help that the bride, groom, and photographers are all friends of ours from auburn, but even if that weren't the case i would probably say that chris and christi's wedding is one of my favorites! - it was such a classic, old south wedding (um, ceremony under an old oak tree, anyone??) but it still managed to feel very modern (her dress! the guys' ties!...)

everything about the wedding was absolutely beautiful, and it was photographed SO well!

more photos are here and here..... (click, you won't be sorry!)


Maggie said...

gorgeous pictures and wedding, looks like they belong in a magazine!!

Paper Dragon Books said...

i love the pictures of the wedding

if you could send a url for your site/blog i will put you guys in my friends of paper dragon books section
mine is

Leah said...

Yeah! Doug & Amy are awesome! I went to high school with them.

one of my favs from the pics is the b&w one of the boys and their stogies...the one where they are posed, and all serious, groom in the front. its such a bad @$$ shot.

Amanda Eubanks said...

Doug and Amy are so awesome. It was such a special day for our family. I love your site, this is my first look at it! Saw the link from Studio A. So fun.