03 August 2009

how do YOU take in art?

i don't normally post articles, but i thought this one from the times yesterday was really good. it's about how and why we take in/appreciate art today in contrast to how/why we experienced art before we could just hop on a plane to take a trip to the louvre, or just click to get a view of the mona lisa online. i thought it was really interesting stuff. also, it made me feel a little guilty for not truly "appreciating" art like i should....

So tourists now wander through museums, seeking to fulfill their lifetime’s art history requirement in a day, wondering whether it may now be the quantity of material they pass by rather than the quality of concentration they bring to what few things they choose to focus upon that determines whether they have “done” the Louvre. It’s self-improvement on the fly.

read it all here.

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Sarah Robins said...

This is a really illuminating and provoking story, LA. Thanks for posting!