15 April 2009

WASP 101

so while looking for some ideas on having a Lawn Party I came across this blog...WASP 101...this blog tells you everything there is to know about WASP style from being a WASP man to a WASP woman and a WASP dog and living in a WASP house and having a WASP wedding or going to a WASP party...he posts everyday almost and he also takes pics of his outfits and posts them...yes...for some reason LA i thought you might enjoy this

here is an excerpt from his post on Lawn Parties

As the weather grows warmer, one cannot help but to think of the lawn party invitations that will be arriving in the mail. These wonderful parties can be the beginning of a wonderful evening. I always attend the parties I am invited to, but I never stay too long. I show up, socialize briefly, and then I vanish. It helps one to remain mysterious, and it keeps you from having a bad reputation (some people just don't know when it is time to leave). Staying for extended periods of time also indicates that you do not have dinner plans. In addition, always take a beautiful lady to accompany you. A well dressed man looks much better with a beautiful woman on his arm. In my rambunctious days, I brought a number of beauties with me to lawn parties. Some were friends and some were more than friends. Now that I am married, I take my wife and she need not know about those rambunctious days :) Also, one must dress for the event (of course), and that requires a dressy but casual attitude. The ad above is perfect example of how to dress for a lawn party. Navy blazers, white/cream trousers, white bucks, reds, madras blazers and trousers (not together) are all perfect for lawn parties. The lady in the ad is a perfect companion, and she is properly dressed as well. Also, the lovely Natalie Portman would make a beautiful date for a lawn party. She has a classic look, and she looks great in WASP attire. I couldn't resist!


leeanne said...

aaahahaha... that is one of my new favorite blogs!!!

katie rhea said...

hahahah i love this!