03 April 2009

the ultimate party

from my french obsession by leah

Upon my research for french etiquette, I found several pictures about this event in Paris.

Held annually outside, the White Dinner (Dîner en Blanc) party takes place around mid-June, in a different venue every year. You must be invited.

Participants are asked to bring their own meal and cutlery, but don't know the location of the actual dinner until 15 minutes beforehand (by phone usually).

Last year, the event took place at the l'Arc de Triumph, with more than 7,500 people! The location is kept secret until the last minute because they don't want police breaking up this fabulous party. (and they've tried!)


leeanne said...

omygoodness this looks like the most fabulous thing evvver... and i do believe that woman has christmas lights on her hat!! how can we get invited?? :)

Sarah Robins said...

I watched Amelie last night. Have you seen it? Y'all would love it.

Leah said...

we are so doing this in bham this summer leeanne if you want to come.

its going to be fabulous.

great adds to the pics hbc!