13 April 2009

dark was the night

well i'm a little late on this, but the red hot organization (raising funding for AIDS awareness) has put together one amazing compilation album, called dark was the night. it is an incredible lineup of some of my favorite artists. the album itself came out back in february, but there is a benefit/concert on may 3rd at radio city music hall. as soon as payday comes around this week, i am so getting my ticket... 

this is just a partial list of artists:
andrew bird, arcade fire, beach house, beirut, blonde redhead, bon iver, david byrne, cat power & dirty delta blues, the decemberists, kevin drew, feist, ben gibbard, grizzly bear, iron & wine, jose gonzalez, my brightest diamond, my morning jacket, the national, the new pornographers, conor oberst, spoon, sufjan stevens, yeasayer, & yo la tengo.

seriously, how did they get fit all these great artists on one album?? i've been listening to the album all day long; some of my favorites are feist & ben gibbard's duet, jose gonzalez' version of 'the cello song' by nick drake, sufjan's 'you are the blood', etc etc.... such good stuff!

i'll be sure to take pictures and post about the concert in may....

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holly said...

you beat me to it...i have been meaning to post about this but forgot...thanks LA...oh my gosh, all those people together