05 March 2009

go mad!

this week i got to go on a tour of the new building for the museum of arts & design - Ben Hartley, one of the deputy directors of the museum, showed us around. i haven't gotten a chance to visit the MAD since they relocated to their new building at 2 columbus circle. it's a pretty small museum, but i love all that they have on display. it's my kind of museum!

right now they have an exhibition called second lives: remixing the ordinary that is pretty amazing!... it was all about repurposing ordinary things to have a new life. there were a couple of standouts: Terese Agnew's Portrait of a Textile Worker is made completely out of clothing labels! - one of the coolest things i've seen in a while...

MAD's website also has a great feature where you can search all of the items in their permanent collection.... this is one good database!

....now i just need to find a way to get a job at the museum...

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