27 March 2009


i came across this today while on design freebies, this is a promtional from mohawk's strathmore paper line...i used strathmore on my senior thesis...so i am going to print some of these ont the left over paper i have at home

click here to download you aerograms and here to learn more about the strathmore line

from felt and wire

"Aerograms were very popular in the 1940s and 50s, when mail delivery by air was new. The aerogram format combined envelope and notesheet {and sometimes pre-printed postage} on a single piece of lightweight paper. Today, this “onesie” construction may be ripe for a stylish and sustainable comeback.

Announcing The Aerogram-a-rama! Herewith your very own pdf {Pretty Darn Fancy} containing three aerogram templates. Each one can be printed out on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of Strathmore paper. It’s not homework, it’s an opportunity. Trim it out, fold it up, embellish to taste, and send it to Felt & Wire by April 22. We will publish our favorites on May 1. Now then: The first 10 readers to leave a comment will promptly receive a Spring Sampler of sheets ideally suited for this very purpose {including the Editor’s personal favorite, Soft Aqua}. What Strathmore could you ask?

By the way, I bought the 1947 aerogram (shown above & below) last week, from a collection my stamp dealer in Napa had recently acquired. You can see many collections of vintage aerograms online. During WWII, Victory Mail provided an emotional lifeline from the homefront to the battlefront. V-Mail allowed the troops and their loved ones to put their hearts and hopes on paper… and have them whisked overseas. A 2-minute 1944 newsreel shows the logistics of the mass-scale micro-filming. On a lighter note, Queen Elizabeth’s coronation was postally commemorated on aerograms and stamps. A grand cancellation proclaimed: Long live the Queen."

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