29 August 2011

slim aarons

tonight i was at the strand and came across this book of photographs by slim aaron. he was a photographer who described his own career as "photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places"... and, fun fact (via good ole wikipedia) - he never used a makeup artist or stylist. here are some (ok, a lot) of my favorites i have found while searching for more of his pics:

christmas with humphrey bogart & lauren bacall, no biggie.

well, hello there truman.

nice pants

clark gable, van heflin, gary cooper, jimmy stewart. just chillin'

joan collins + pink poodle

(photos found here, here, here and here)


holly said...

that picture, the one with nice pants, is like one of my favorite photographs, it is lilly pulitzer and her husband

Perryn said...


holly said...

so i was wrong, that is not lilly and her husband, but they are wearing lilly...