30 August 2011

rifle 2012 botanical calendar

i realize i'm a little behind in noticing this, but i couldn't resist posting. i'm not usually a fan of many calendars without big blocks for each day to write everyone's birthdays on (it's okay - i already realize i am an old woman.), but i'm thinking i might have to get over that and go ahead and buy rifle's 2012 botanical calendar. it's just too beautiful.


holly said...

I just bought this and it is BEAUTIFUL...i can't wait to use it...and I have been wanting to post about it too, I guess great minds think alike

Kimberly Fiser said...

Hi there! Wanted to know if you still have this calendar and if you would be interested in selling it? My daughter wants to use some of the prints for her nursery and I can't find one anywhere!! Thank you - kimfiser@yahoo.com