29 April 2011

the royal wedding program

I love the hand illustrated map of the carriage procession from the Royal Wedding program, the program also has some great photos of William and Kate and sweet details on Kate's new coat of arms.


Michael A Hill Illustration said...

Dear Holleeanne
Thanks for your comments about my map for the Royal Wedding Programme. It was a great honour to be selected to produce this map and i was so nervous in the process as the couple can back with comments about what they liked which was so lovely.
I do also illustrated map for other weddings even if they are not royal. Loved your photos of the wedding flowers.
Michael A Hill-m@michaelahill.com

holly said...

thanks you michael for commenting, i just love your map! i was trying to find out who designed it and couldn't anywhere, so glad to know who you are, i have been looking at your website this morning and i love some of your other work as well!