20 April 2011

northport :: potiger

This weekend I went down to Tuscaloosa, home of UandA, with my mom and sister. Kathleen will be transfering next year there. Anyway, we visited the quaint town of Northport that sits next to Tuscaloosa and it was just about one the cutest little towns I have ever seen.

We came across a french antique store, I could of stayed there for a long time...

baskets full of vintage french postcards

They had rows and rows of documents like this.

These are herb knives.

There was a cute bakery in the town as well
and we enjoyed a snack after shopping.


leeanne said...

our siblings are both going to be bama traitors together next year.... ;)

Cile said...

Hey we need to go to this little store sometime!!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Northport!!