04 February 2011

sifted: handpicked recipes from our mothers

Sifted: Handpicked Recipes From Our Mothers is a cook­book that Aimee Gauthier designed, wrote and curated. Both the con­tent and design aims to honor the his­tory and tra­di­tion found in fam­ily recipes that are passed from gen­er­a­tion to generation. via design work life

I love the look of this cookbook, with doilies, dishes and recipe cards, things that remind us of our mothers...I also love recipes that my mom makes, as I am learning to cook they are guaranteed to be good and if I have a question about it I can just call her, they also remind me of times growing up and family dinnertime...for christmas Charlton's mom, Julie, made me a cookbook of recipes and bios of women in there family, I cannot wait to try out some of those too

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Kelsey said...

Aimee is a fellow fellow with me at Chronicle. Super sweet book made by a super sweet friend!