14 February 2011

bowery valentine

this weekend i spent so much time in the flower market, and i loved it! - i think every weekend should be like this one was. on saturday i put together some flowers for my friend kyo's wedding shower (pics to come soooon!)

and yesterday i helped with some flowers for a valentine's day party my friend katherine was putting on for the lovely ladies of the bowery mission women's center. we wanted to do something simple and cost-effective, but still something special that each participant could take for herself. i found some super cute hot pink spray roses, and just put them in little bundles in some cute mini takeout boxes (inspired by this!) that perryn and some of my other fellow volunteers embellished... i think they turned out so cute, and they were so easy! i hear they were a big hit, too! all in all, everything (including a meal for 15 people!) came together so smoothly in very little time thanks to an awesome team!

(all pics by perryn)

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holly said...

these are so cute and valentinesy...love