24 January 2011

succulents & begonias!

this saturday i took a long-awaited class at the little flower school! way back in september, i came home from a pretty horrible day at work to find a big surprise in the form of a gift card for a little flower school class... any class! whichever i wanted! from an "anonymous" friend who believed in me! talk about a way to pick up a day by its boot straps!

i had to wait until the winter classes were posted because all of the other classes were already full, but i'm so glad i did. i signed up for the succulents & begonias class and absolutely loved it - the flowers and the colors were just gorgeous.

below, a few pics! (mostly from my iphone, excuse the quality.)



it was so interesting to see how everyone who had the same flowers to choose from ended up with totally different arrangements...

dream come true, basically. thanks, Friend Who Believes In Me! :)

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Kyo said...

I love it!! I'm so pumped for your creations for my wedding!