20 January 2011

andy and kate spade's home

i love how the selby captures their home, a little cluttered yet very sophisticated, i love seeing the details such as the match box collection and i love how their daughters art work is handing around

p.s. i was always curious to what kate was doing now that they sold the company...she is now just being a mom, which i think is cool, their daughters name is bea

from new york mag

The Spades don’t talk about Kate and Jack Spade now, about what they think of the new company’s attempts to sustain their state of mind. “I haven’t even been into a Kate Spade shop since we left,” admits Kate one drizzly afternoon at the Oak Room. She’s just picked up an Eloise tea set for Bea’s birthday (not that she would be happy if her daughter adopted the character’s nasty brand of sass), as well as a bit of makeup at Bergdorf Goodman across the street. When the salesgirl saw her credit card, she began to gush. “I never know if I should tell people that it’s not me anymore,” Kate says about the Kate Spade brand. “I only do if they start really getting into it.” Her dark hair is in her signature beehive, and she’s wearing her signature black cigarette pants. Kate laughs a lot, and she is generous with her favorite word, which is “darling” and which she uses as an adjective. Since selling the company, she hasn’t felt even the slightest urge to go back to work. She’s been pretty much full-time taking care of Bea—they ice-skate together at Wollman rink, they invite friends over for music class, and when Kate makes her a sandwich, she cuts it into the shape of a heart. “The other mothers are like, ‘Okay, whatever,’ ” she says, laughing. “They think I’m insane. But I want to be able to do this while I can. When she’s like, ‘Mom, get away from me!’ then I’ll think about what else I want to do, but I’m incredibly glad I can do this now.”

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