14 February 2010

happy valentine's day!

i am in the poconos with several friends for the long weekend right now, and it has been wonderful - i needed a getaway stat!

and since our time here includes valentine's day, a couple of us came up with the idea to do an old-school valentine swap. you know - the kind where you had to bring valentines for everyone in the class so you didn't hurt anyone's feelings, and then on the big day you put your carefully-decorated mailbox (shoebox) on your desk, just waiting to see if you got the best valentine from the box of G.I. Joe valentines that your crush ___ got at the drug store....

anyway, i digress - you know i wanted to do something crafty. i found some great lace-like paper and cute red cards & pearly-white envelopes, and this is what i came up with - they couldn't be too involved because i had to make close to 20, but i'm okay with what i ended up with. mostly because they are tiny.

(refer to quarter for size!...)

1 comment:

katie rhea said...

leeanne those are super cute!