05 January 2010

our lady of the most holy trinity chapel

every time i find myself in some beautiful old cathedral (which is not nearly often enough), i usually find myself saying something along the lines of, "they just don't build things like this anymore" - well, i stand corrected. this article in architect magazine has proven me wrong! - a new chapel by Duncan Stroik on the campus of Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, CA is a hybrid of several different types of historical architecture. even though it's based on very old styles, i think it's actually so refreshing to see something like this right next to a story about a sleek, modern cupcake shop. i had to do a double-take while skimming through the magazine, and had to read almost the whole article to be convinced that it was a totally new building and not a renovation of an existing older chapel... some would probably argue that it is taking a step back from modern architecture, but i don't think you can really argue with the beauty of the chapel and all the details. and i personally love it.

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