25 January 2010

the oak room identity by pentagram

i really like this identity that pentagram did for this plaza hotel bar
...quite sophisticated and a really nice color palette

The Oak Room at the Plaza, now 102 years old, began as a men-only bar. Closed during Prohibition, it reopened as a restaurant in 1934. Years of modifications, not to mention decades of tobacco smoke, dimmed but never entirely extinguished its luster. 2008 brought a painstaking renovation led by architect Annabelle Selldorf. Although modern touches abound, the design team made a decision at the outset to channel the restaurant’s great iconic history. This is, after all, where the action in Hitchcock’s 1959 North by Northwest begins, with Cary Grant meeting friends in the Oak Room. Our goal was to create a graphic program that Cary Grant’s character, advertising executive Roger O. Thornhill, would have approved.

LA, want to pick me up a match box next time you are in the area

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leeanne said...

oh man.... yes please. i've been looking for an excuse to go there!... :)